A-Z Freeware Launcher Plus (AZFL+) was designed to aid users accomplish recommended security procedures and
general computer maintenance. The program accomplishes this by recommended daily, week and monthly tasks.
AZFL+ does not come packaged with any programs but is capable of utilizing a total of 35 programs, all of which are
available for download via two "Program List" windows (accessible from the main console). In other words, the user
decides what programs on the list he/she wishes to download. An information link and a download link is provided
for each program.

Another great feature of AZFL+ is found within the "Info" window. By recommending certain links and by
recommending certain forums, a massive amount of valuable information in regards to the world of computers is
made available to the user.

By installing all the programs that AZFL+ is capable of utilizing, you will be able to make full use of the many
options available within AZFL+. We recommend that the user at least download the 8 programs required to perform
the recommended daily, weekly and monthly tasks. To emphasize what programs are required to accomplish these
tasks, the 8 programs have been marked with a yellow "N" on the Program List windows.

A-Z Freeware Launcher Plus is free and guaranteed to be virus/spyware/malware free.

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